NACDL's staff is committed to the association's mission and to serving the association's membership.


Executive Director

Leadership Team

NACDL’s Leadership team implements the Executive Director’s vision for the Association. The team provides advice to the Executive Director on all matters.

Executive Office

The Executive staff aids the Executive Director.


NACDL's accounting department looks after the preparation of financial statements, maintenance of general ledger, payment of bills, preparation of customer bills, payroll, and more. In other words, they are responsible for managing the overall economic front NACDL.

Art Department

The NACDL Art Department is responsible for the visual artistry/graphic designs for NACDL. They collaborate with other members of NACDL staff to ensure that messages are turned into effective, eye-catching designs. They also make certain that NACDL’s brand is consistent and cohesive.

Capital Case Litigation Initiative

The Capital Case Litigation Initiative produces and supports training programs for capital defense teams based on the bring-your-own-case training model. The program also produces online resources and provides follow-up technical assistance for training participants.

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Communications and Public Affairs

Economic Crimes

NACDL’s White Collar Crime Policy Department is on the front lines combating new and unnecessary criminal laws and pushing for meaningful criminal justice reform.

Events and Continuing Education

The Events and Continuing Education Team plans and administers all of NACDL CLEs; live CLE training events and webinars, and maintains NACDL’s accreditation for continuing legal education credits. Our Team is available to assist members and non-members alike in learning more about our CLE programs, and filing for CLE credit.

Information About Events and Continuing Education

Fourth Amendment Center

NACDL's Fourth Amendment Center offers direct assistance to defense lawyers handling cases involving new surveillance tools, technologies and tactics that infringe on the constitutional rights of people in America. The Center is available to help members of the defense bar in bringing new Fourth Amendment challenges, providing a range of support: from training and resources to expert consultation and direct litigation, all free of charge.

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The NACDL marketing department helps to expand the NACDL family by recruiting members, creating business partnerships, and working with NACDL affiliates. If you would like to hear more about these opportunities, please reach out to one of us.

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The NACDL membership department is here to serve its members. Please contact us with any questions you have about member benefits, renewals, etc. We will help you get what you need and put a smile on your face!

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National Affairs

The National Affairs Department comprises all of NACDL’s policy-related departments and initiatives and provides coordination and support for policy staff.

Products And Sales

The CLE Products and Sales Team produces and distributes continuing legal education training resources including manuals, trial guides, DVD Videos, Audio CDs, Webinars, On-demand CLE, and self-study materials. Our Team is ready to assist members and non-members alike in finding and obtaining relevant and timely training materials

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Public Defense

Information About Public Defense

Return To Freedom Project

NACDL’s Return to Freedom Project helps those serving overly harsh sentences seek relief by partnering with partner organizations to recruit, train, and support pro bono volunteers to secure clemency, compassionate release, or expungement.

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