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The NACDL Resource Center

The new and improved NACDL Resource Center offers multi-faceted support to NACDL members. We assist you by providing you access to member-provided documents, external resources, experts, and hands-on support from our resource counsel attorneys when you can't find what you need. With more resources than ever, the Resource Center is an invaluable component of your NACDL membership. Only NACDL members may access the Resource Center. If you are not a member, join today.

The Resource Center is a living, breathing work-in-progress. We add to it every day, and already have more resources than ever before! The Resource Center is now organized by topic, both in the "Case-Based Tools" and "Experts" sections. In Case-Based Tools, you can find briefs and motions, journal articles and reports, practice resources, external resources, videos, and news. For more on how to use the Resource Center, our NACDL Engage & Exchange Series, & more web content, check out our helpful Resource Center Media page.

We also direct you to the NACDL Coronavirus Resources during this crucial time.

Senior Resource Counsel Vanessa Antoun manages the Resource Center and provides technical and substantive support to NACDL members.


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