Governance Procedures

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is committed to effective and transparent governance in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and best practices.

NACDL governance is memorialized in its bylaws, policies, resolutions, committee charters, and other actions of its board of directors and executive committee. NACDL's governance documents reflect the association's commitments to its mission, to providing premiere continuing legal education in a safe and professional environment, to being a safe and professional work environment, and to fully transparent and ethical governance.

Minutes and Resolutions

Minutes are kept of all meetings of NACDL's Membership and of NACDL's Board of Directors. Upon adoption at the following meeting, minutes are available on NACDL's website to members.

The Board of Directors will frequently adopt resolutions relating to governance or significant policy issues. Those resolutions are made available on NACDL's website as soon as possible after adoption.

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Resolutions

Membership Meeting Minutes

Codes of Conduct

NACDL's Board of Directors has a Code of Conduct, a Conflict of Interest policy, a whistleblower policy, a Personal Conduct policy, and a conduct policy for people affiliated with NACDL at NACDL events.

Code of Conduct and Personal Conduct Policy

Whistleblower Policy

Code of Conduct for Affiliated Persons

The Personal Conduct Policy establishes an Internal Complaint Committee. The roster and contact information of members of the Internal Complaint Committee can be found in the online Committee Directory.

Committee Charters and Protocols

NACDL's many standing and ad hoc committees are involved in nearly all of NACDL's governance and policy issues. The standing committees are the Audit, Budget, Bylaws, Elections, Investment, Nominating and Executive Committees. Other committees are appointed by the president on an ad hoc basis to respond to policy-related issues as the need arises. In some circumstances, charters or operating procedures are required of committees. 

Amicus Committee Mission Statement

Audit Committee Charter

Lawyers Assistance Strike Force Protocols

CLE Institute Governance

NACDL's CLE Institute exists to develop and execute NACDL’s CLE curriculum in a manner that maintains the integrity of its programs and status as the premiere CLE provider for the criminal defense bar. The Institute will ensure the viability, efficiency, continuity, quality, and profitability of NACDL seminars by overseeing, planning, and implementing cutting-edge programming to foster excellence and high ethical standards in criminal defense practice.

CLE Institute Protocols

CLE Co-sponsorship Protocols

Membership Categories

NACDL membership categories are set by NACDL's board of directors, pursuant to Article IV, Section 1 of NACDL's bylaws. The list of current membership categories is available via the page linked below. 

Membership Categories

Elections and Selection of Affiliate Representatives

NACDL's leadership comprises its officers and other members of the board of directors. NACDL's board includes directly elected directors as well as representatives of NACDL's affiliate associations.

Elections Policy

Affiliate Association Board Representation

Other Governance Documents

Other NACDL governance documents include the following.

NACDL Bylaws

Statements of NACDL Positions & Policy

Powers & Duties of Elected Officers of the Association

Powers & Duties of Members of the Board of Directors

Contributions to Outside Organizations

Board Access Fund Policy

Investment Policy

NACDL has also embraded a commitment to provide opportunities for programming, events, and iniviatives that focus on issues of importance to women.

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