Updating the Standing Board Policy on Affiliate Association Representation on the Board of Directors

On October 29, 2016, the NACDL Board of Directors adopted as Board Policy the following rights and privileges of Affiliate Associations.

On October 29, 2016, pursuant to Article IX, Section 4 of the Bylaws, the NACDL Board of Directors adopted as Board Policy the following rights and privileges of Affiliate Associations.

Four representatives of Affiliate Associations may serve on the NACDL Board, each serving three year terms, with selections being staggered to ensure that no more than two representatives will be elected each year, except in the event of an unexpected vacancy.

The NACDL Executive Director, or a designee, shall distribute written or electronic ballots no less than sixty (60) days prior to the Annual Membership Meeting of the Association to Affiliate Associations who are eligible to vote. The Affiliate Association’s president, chief executive, or an affiliate-member designee of that affiliate, shall cast each Affiliate’s vote(s) using either a written ballot or an electronic ballot. No vote is valid unless it is received by the Executive Director from the Affiliate Associations by the published deadline for the receipt of ballots. A plurality of votes cast shall elect.

In the event of a tie, a runoff election will occur as soon as practical utilizing written or electronic ballots. Only those candidates who tied on the original ballot shall be eligible for the run-off election, and only those Affiliate Associations who cast ballots in the original election may cast a second ballot in the run-off. In the event of a second tie, at the first available Board Meeting, the tied candidates’ names will be placed into a hat, and the head of the election committee or president of NACDL will draw one name to determine the winner.

No nominee for election to the NACDL Board through the processes outlined in Article VIII may be chosen during the same year to represent the Affiliate Associations, and all Affiliate Representatives must meet all eligibility requirements contained in Article VIII for membership on the Board. Affiliate Representatives may not be reelected by the Affiliate Associations.

Any vacancies shall be filled as soon as practical, using similar nomination and election procedures as outlined above, with deadlines being adjusted for the next possible quarterly Board Meeting.

Those elected as Affiliate Representatives shall take office at the same time as other new Board members.

The Elections Committee of the NACDL shall provide rules and supervision to assure compliance with this policy, and shall submit for Board approval, at the Annual Meeting, those Affiliate Representatives elected by Affiliate Associations.

Resolution of the Board of Directors
October 29, 2016
District of Columbia

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