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Member Referral Program

Help strengthen NACDL's voice. NACDL is the nation's preeminent community serving the criminal defense profession, and is committed to serving a diverse and inclusive community of lawyers. In a recent survey of our members, we found that two-thirds of our members first learned of NACDL from a colleague or friend. 

For every new member you recruit, you will receive a $25 discount off your next year's dues! Recruit 5 or more members in a 12-month period, and get free membership for a full year!

Follow these steps to encourage your colleagues to join. 

1. Use this email and revise it in any way you like. Send it to your network and colleagues to encourage them to become an NACDL member! Please be sure and remind whomever you invite to become a member to enter your name in the "referred by" blank on the membership application.

Dear [Insert Name],

I hope my note finds you well. I wanted to send a personal invitation asking you to join the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. NACDL is the nation’s preeminent community serving the criminal defense profession. As a member, I have personally seen how NACDL benefits individuals through opportunities for learning and networking, and strengthens the profession through its advocacy work. It’s great to have a place to turn for solutions to my unique challenges, innovative programming, and peer-to-peer learning.

When you join NACDL, you stand for a fair, rational, and humane criminal justice system: for redressing systemic racism, for fairness in charging and sentencing, for protection of the Fourth and Sixth Amendments, and for the elimination of the death penalty.

Upon joining, you will also have access to the extraordinary resources NACDL has to offer. Knowing your professional background and interests, I’d recommend you to get involved and reap the benefits of membership with NACDL. Here are a few of the reasons why America's best-connected, best-informed criminal defense attorneys are members of NACDL:

Access and Network with some of the best criminal defense attorneys in the country. Through our CLE Events, member discussion community - NACDLConnect and our Member-to-Member Directory.

Updated and Reorganized NACDL Resource Center featuring case-based tools, forensics resources, an expert database, and post-conviction materials.

Empower and Inform yourself with full access to The Champion monthly magazine, our redesigned and interactive website -, the Daily Criminal Justice Briefing - a digest of articles from journals and media outlets on that are on-topic delivered to your inbox every day, and NACDL’s Coronavirus Resource, launched in mid-March and growing each day, which has drawn over 34,000 unique visits. The templates and sample court papers have been downloaded thousands of times.

Have the full force of NACDL's members behind them through their Lawyers Assistance Strike Force. NACDL's Strike Force will review your case, at no cost, if you are threatened in any way for providing legal representation to a client, subpoenaed, cited for contempt, hit with a bar grievance or a motion to disqualify you from a case.

I also encourage you to explore NACDL's website at for more information on the many benefits and resources that will be at your disposal. 

If you would like more details on how NACDL has helped me, I would be happy to share with you my personal experience. You can also contact the NACDL membership department at 202-872-4001 or by email at

I look forward to answering any questions about my NACDL experience and welcoming you into this incredible organization!

[Your signature]

2. Post photos of you with NACDL members, invite friends, and “like” NACDL on social media! Here are some sample status updates you could post – feel free to tweak them!

Ready to network with the best criminal defense lawyers in the nation and learn from peers? Don’t miss this special new member offer to join NACDL!

Need to expand your professional network? Join me in the NACDL community and sign up now at special rates that won’t last forever.

Waiting for the right time to join NACDL? The time is now, and you can save money, too! 

3. Post these graphics on your social media account!




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