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Case-Based Tools

The Resource Center's Case-Based Tools is a curated collection of the resources to assist NACDL Members in the pursuit of justice on behalf of their clients. These materials—including motions, research, and more—were contributed by NACDL Members which they used in cases.

Case-Based Tools contains practice documents on more than 50 topics, including forensics, white collar topics, and more. Only NACDL members may access Case-Based Tools. If you are not a member, join today.

Note: Documents in Case-Based Tools are meant as a guide. NACDL does not guarantee the research, legal authority, or quotes in these pleadings. They come from various jurisdictions and may contain law not applicable to your jurisdiction. Additionally, the controlling law may have changed since these documents were drafted and/or cases may have been reversed or overruled. You should therefore check to ensure the law you cite in any pleading is current. Finally, you should tailor these documents to the unique facts of your case.

Please consult the rules of your jurisdiction, including local rules, to determine the proper title of the filing, filing deadlines, required content and certificates, and proper methods of service.


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