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NACDL is here to help you with your state legislative and grassroots advocacy. See the resources below to learn how NACDL can assist you and your organization in these efforts.

Contact NACDL's advocacy team at for any state legislative and grassroots advocacy question or need. 

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For any other assistance not related to legislative or grassroots advocacy, visit the Contact Us page.

What is legislative advocacy?

Legislative advocacy involves working with legislators and lawmaking bodies to gain support for a specific cause or initiative, for the needs of a specific population.

Legislative advocacy can involve anything from working with a legislator (or their aides) on the wording of a bill to mobilizing supporters to bombard a legislature with phone calls, emails or tweets about an issue. It can also include educating legislators, supporters, and the general public about the issue; working with the media; continuously seeking out allies and building coalitions; and being persistent over long periods of time. See also: grassroots advocacy/mobilization.

What is grassroots advocacy/mobilization?

Grassroots advocacy involves communicating with the general public and prompting them to engage elected officials at the local, state, and federal levels. Grassroots advocacy seeks to raise public awareness on issues so the general public can influence public perception, regulations, and legislative policy. Learn about NACDL grassroots advocacy campaigns by visiting the Action Center.

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