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Public Defense Scholarships


NACDL is pleased to offer scholarship assistance for public defense providers to attend Continuing Legal Education programs. The scholarships are awarded in the form of full or partial reimbursement of the registration costs of the excellent training programs offered by NACDL and other national organizations. Limited travel reimbursement stipends may also be awarded to qualifying individuals to help defray the costs of travel and lodging.

Scholarship Instructions and Application:

Application Deadlines: Review of applications for a particular program begins approximately three months prior to the start date of the program. After initial award offers are extended, applications are reviewed and awards made on a rolling basis. Individuals should apply early for the best chance of receiving awards, especially those seeking travel assistance. Applications received less than three weeks prior to the program date will not be considered.


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Upcoming CLE Programs


dwi seminar 2018 banner  

If you are serious about being an effective DUI defense advocate, or if you’re considering adding DUI defenses to your firm’s portfolio, you need to know the latest scientific and legal strategies to optimize your success at trial. Learn from the best-of-the-best, and take advantage of the unique opportunity to network and establish a reciprocal referral base. This one-of-a-kind CLE program is held in the mornings only, and consists of one day of general session presentations, a second day of split tracks allowing you to select your area of focus or interest, and a third with your choice of multiple workshops focused learning in the areas you need the most help. For more information, click here.


drug seminar 2018 banner  

The numbers of drug crime prosecutions are dramatically increasing as the federal government now partners with local and state agencies.Leading criminal defense practitioners are eager to share their expertise with you - learn innovative pre-trial motions, voir dire strategies, techniques for crossing snitches, how to ethically manage clients, and much more. This seminar will provide you with a better understanding of modern drug cases and help you effectively represent your clients before, during, and after trial. This one-of-a-kind CLE program is held in the afternoons only - improve your arsenal of necessary tools to win your next drug case! For more information, click here.


fall 2018 banner  

The nation's top experienced lawyers, scientists, and doctors with expertise in mental health issues will cover issues ranging from competence to insanity defenses, jury selection and persuasion, and sentencing. Experts estimate that between 55 and 75% of all incarcerated people suffer from mental health issues. The cases are complex, the clients are challenging, and the stakes are high. Join your colleagues in Savannah for this exceptional seminar, and decipher the tools you need to provide outstanding representation for your clients struggling with mental health issues. For more information, click here.


sex seminar 2018 banner 

Defending charges of sexual assault and child abuse can be daunting — but with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be. Every year, NACDL identifies the hottest topics and most pressing issues when defending these cases, and brings-in nationally-renowned lawyers and experts to help you prepare for battle. Much like all NACDL programs, this event also presents the unique opportunity to develop both professional and personal contacts where you can experience the camaraderie of being with criminal defense lawyers from all around the world. For more information, click here.


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