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Member Benefits Overview

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When you belong to NACDL, you take a stand for a fair, rational, and humane criminal justice system: for redressing systemic racism, for fairness in charging and sentencing, for protection of the Fourth and Sixth Amendments, and for elimination of the death penalty. Our voice is strengthened by the thousands of members who stand with us.

Member Benefits

These are a few of the reasons why NACDL members are among America’s best-connected, most knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys:    

  • Members network, share information, and discuss strategy with attorneys across the country through NACDLConnect, NACDL's member discussion community. This includes a general interest discussion group, a white collar crime discussion group, and our new forum for Women in Criminal Defense.         LindsayLewis-NoBorder 
  •  Members with smartphones are never out of touch. Both the Member-to-Member directory and NACDLConnect are fully accessible, in your pocket wherever you go. Being a member of NACDL gives you access to some of the best criminal defense attorneys in the country.  
  • Members get NACDL's award-winning magazine The Champion®, plus access to The Champion's full online archive.  
  • The  Daily Criminal Justice Briefing gives you a digest of articles from journals and media outlets on-topic, in your inbox every day. 



  • If a member is subpoenaed, cited for contempt, hit with a bar grievance or a motion to disqualify, NACDL's  Lawyers Assistance Strike Force provides counsel and representation at no cost.  
  • Members attend NACDL's top-notch CLE events at discounted rates and get attractive discounts on video and audio recordings of NACDL’s CLE seminars.  
  • Because prosecutors are not permitted to become members or to attend our CLEs, NACDL members have greater freedom to discuss strategy and share knowledge with America’s best criminal defense lawyers.    


  • NACDL now connects you with Association Health Programs, which offers health, life, disability, and long-term care insurance and more in most states.
  • NACDL partners with Complete Equity Markets to offer professional liability insurance to members.
  • NACDL maintains affinity partnerships with a host of companies and services that defense attorneys use every day, and most offer substantial discounts to NACDL members. Some members make back their dues just on the discounts.    



Want to know more?  Call the membership hotline at 202-872-4001 or write to memberservices@nacdl.org

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 Please Note:  Annual Dues may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense for federal income tax purposes.  NADCL estimates that 1% of your total membership dues are allocable to lobbying activities of the Association and therefore not deductible for income tax purposes as ordinary and necessary business expense.  $90 of annual dues applies to a one-year subscription to The Champion.  Contributions to the Foundation for Criminal Justice are fully tax-deductible.   


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