NACDL is synonymous with excellence thanks to its members, partners, and allies. Hear from some of the people who make NACDL excellent with #NACDLSpotlight.

In The NACDL Board Member Spotlight This Quarter

Eric Davis currently serves as Assistant Public Defender and Chief of the Felony Trial Division at the Harris County Public Defender’s Office. Next month, he will be speaking on Overcoming the Presumption of Guilt at NACDL’s 2023 Race Matters Seminar in Cincinnati.


In The NACDL Staff Spotlight This Quarter

Maria is NACDL’s Project Associate for the Return to Freedom Project. In her free time, Maria loves to explore around DC and travel to new cities.

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In The NACDL Staff Spotlight Last Quarter

Julian is NACDL's Education and Research associate for the 4th amendment center. She is also an animal lover who is the oldest of three children.


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In The NACDL Affiliate Spotlight Last Quarter

Becky is the Executive Director of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and has worked in criminal defense for over two decades.

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Previous Spotlight Participants

Previously, the NACDLSpotlight was on NACDL's Programs and Products Assistant. The eldest of nine children, Cole absolutely adores his siblings and loves to spend his down time time with them.

Previously, the Spotlight was on Denise Blake; NACDL's Senior Associate for Membership. Here is what she had to say:

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