Legislating Freedom: The Importance of a Second Look

Recording of Legislating Freedom: The Importance of a Second Look, hosted by NACDL and The Sentencing Project during Second Chance Month 2022. 


On Thursday, April 14th, 2022, NACDL and The Sentencing Project hosted Legislating Freedom: The Importance of a Second Look. This panel discussion delved into the country’s continued overreliance on incarceration and extreme sentences and legislative efforts to enacted 'Second Look' laws which provide individuals with an opportunity for resentencing or a sentence reduction after they have served a certain amount of time in prison.

The panel discussion was moderated by Alexandra Bailey, the End Life Imprisonment Strategist at The Sentencing Project, and featured Eric Alexander, Senior Advocate, Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth; Warren Allen, End Life Imprisonment Fellow, The Sentencing Project; Lawanda Hollister; and Kate Mogulescu, Associate Professor of Clinical Law, Brooklyn Law School. 




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