Second Look = Second Chance: The NACDL Model “Second Look” Legislation

On December 10, 2020, NACDL released its model “Second Look” sentencing legislation and accompanying report – Second Look = Second Chance: Turning the Tide Through NACDL’s Model “Second Look” Legislation. The NACDL model legislation provides a vehicle that legislatures can use to safely reduce the number of individuals serving excessive, counter-productive sentences: guaranteeing all incarcerated individuals a “Second Look” once they have spent at least a decade in prison. [Released December 2020; Revised Edition Released June 2021]


Cover for NACDL report Second Look = Second Chance: The NACDL Model “Second Look” LegislationRead more about second look policies, including the webinar "The Case for Reconsidering Lengthy & Other Extreme Sentences."

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