Occupational Licensing

NACDL supports efforts to alleviate the collateral consequences of criminal legal system involvement by eliminating barriers to attaining occupational licenses.

During their 2020 regular session, the New Mexico Legislature considered HB 325, a bill to reduce barriers for people with a criminal record who are seeking an occupational license. HB 325 would have limited licensing boards’ blanket authority to consider past criminal convictions, including non-convictions, expunged records, juvenile adjudications, or convictions not directly related to the duties of the licensed occupation. The bill would have also disallowed licensing authorities from using vague language like “moral turpitude” or “good character” and required authorities to apply reasonable time limits to disqualifying convictions. NACDL issued a legislative action alert to its members and advocates in New Mexico, encouraging them to reach out to their elected officials. The House passed HB 325. Unfortunately, the legislature adjourned before the bill could be considered in the Senate.

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