Marijuana Legalization

The Delaware Cannabis Policy Coalition, of which NACDL is a member, is advocating for the passage of legislation to legalize cannabis in Delaware.

The Delaware Cannabis Policy Coalition, of which NACDL is a member, continues to advocate for the passage of cannabis legalization legislation in Delaware.

In March 2022, after the Delaware House of Representatives failed to gather the required three-fifths majority vote needed to pass cannabis legalization bill HB 305, primary sponsor Rep. Edward Osienski introduced two bills to separately address various aspects of the legislation. Requiring only a simple majority vote, HB 371 would have removed criminal penalties for low-level cannabis possession and eliminated the odor of cannabis from being used as probable cause for warrantless searches, while HB 372 would have established regulations for a safe and legal cannabis marketplace, with robust social equity provisions that prioritize and invest in communities most harmed by cannabis prohibition. on May 19, 2022, HB 372 was defeated in the House. HB 371 was approved by the House and Senate, but was then vetoed by Governor John Carney. A vote to override the veto failed in the House. 


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