Champion of Public Defense Award

The Champion of Public Defense Award recognizes a group or individual for outstanding efforts in making positive changes to a local, county, state, or national indigent defense system through legislation, litigation, or other methods.1 

2013 Bruce Jacob Gulfport, FL
2011 Justice Michael Cherry Carson City, NV
2011 Bennett H. Brummer Miami, FL
2009 Robert L. Spangenberg Boston, MA
2008 Marshal J. Hartman Chicago, IL
2007 Erwin W. Lewis Frankfort, KY
2006 Robert Boruchowitz Seattle, WA
2005 Prof. Norman Lefstein Indianapolis, IN
2004 Patricia Puritz Washington, DC
2003 Gary Parker Columbus, GA
2002 Norman L. Reimer New York, NY
2001 Mary Ann Tally Fayetteville, NC

 1 The award was named the Champion of Indigent Defense Award until February 20, 2016.

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