United States v. Enrique Faustino Aguilar, et al. (Lindsey Mfr.)

Case materials from the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) prosecution of Lindsey Manufacturing, United States v. Enrique Faustino Aguilar, et al., No. CR 10-1031-AHM.

Brief filed: 12/01/2011


United States v. Enrique Faustino Aguilar, et al. (Lindsey Mfr.)

C.D. Cal.; Case No. 2:10-cr-01031-AHM


Lindsey Manufacturing was the first company to be tried and convicted of FCPA violations. A jury in the Central District of California found the company, a privately held manufacturer for electrical transmission and related products, guilty of one count of conspiracy to violate the FCPA and five counts of FCPA violations in May 2011 for its alleged involvement in making payments to a Mexican state-owned utility company. In December 2011, a U.S. District Court Judge, A. Howard Matz, ruled that the prosecution had engaged in blatant misconduct and committed egregious Brady violations. The convictions were vacated and the indictment was dismissed. In May 2012 the Department of Justice voluntarily dismissed the case.

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