Affiliate Organizations

NACDL has 95 affiliated organizations spanning the United States, its territories, and the globe.

Affiliated organizations are recognized as such because their mission, goals, and structure mirror those of NACDL, and they are like-minded in their pursuit of ensuring justice and due process for persons accused of crime, improving the integrity, independence and expertise of the criminal defense profession, and promoting the proper and fair administration of criminal justice.

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Special Election - 2016 Council of Affiliates

As a result of a tie in the previous election in Palm Beach, FL, there is one seat remaining on NACDL's Council of Affiliates; a seat on the NACDL Board of Directors reserved exclusively for delegates representing the interests of the local Affiliate organiztions on NACDL's national board. This special election will fill that vacancy.

Let your Affiliate voice be heard - VOTE TODAY!

Voting Instructions:
Each NACDL Affiliate shall be entitled to cast one ballot in the election. Ballots must be cast by an official representative of the affiliated organization, namely the executive director, an executive officer, or by an individual member of that affiliated organization designated by one of its officers. A non-officer designee must provide written documentation from an executive officer of their respective affiliate at the time of submitting their vote, which authorizes them to cast the ballot on behalf of the organization.

NACDL General Election Rules & Policy:
NACDL's Standing Board Policy prohibits any electioneering by candidates, or other individuals on behalf of a candidate. To view the full Standing Board Policy on Elections, visit:

Voting Deadline:
Each Affiliate may cast their ballot either by postal mail or electronically via email, so long as it is received by the established deadline. Ballots must be returned to, and received by NACDL by January 20, 2017.

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Council of Affiliates Representatives

John Arrascada (Co-Chair)
 Reno, NV
(775) 329-1118


Richard Jaffe (Co-Chair)
Birmingham, AL
(205) 545-8327


Todd S. Pugh (Vice Chair)
Chicago, IL
(312) 360-1001 

Vacancy (Vice Chair)

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