Everything You Wanted To Know About Federal Compassionate Release (But Didn’t Know To Ask) [webinar]

Updates and information about applying for compassionate release for your client. Presented by Mira Baylson, Elizabeth Blackwood, Justine Harris, Lisa Mathewson, JaneAnne Murray, Shazzie Naseem, Avery Pollard, Marjorie Peerce, and Mary Price.



As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to roil social, political, and economic life, its impact on prisons has been profound. Federal prisoners — many of whom are elderly or suffer from chronic health conditions — are on lockdown, unable to practice true social distancing, and waiting anxiously for the risk of infection to recede. In the meantime, prisoners and their lawyers — including volunteer attorneys recruited and supported by the Compassionate Release Clearinghouse — have filed thousands of compassionate release motions in federal courts across the country and thousands more are in the works.  

This webinar is a rapid-fire overview of the compassionate release legal framework, the process, best practices, and the latest legal developments. Practitioners in the field and long-time experts discuss grounds for compassionate release including COVID-19 and other sentencing developments; the compassionate release exhaustion requirement; getting and analyzing clients’ medical records; how to strategize when filing motions outside of your home district; helping create a reentry plan; and dealing with detainers.

Presented by Mira Baylson, member, Cozen O'Connor; Elizabeth Blackwood, Counsel & Project Director, First Step Act Resource Center, NACDL; Justine Harris, partner, Sher Tremonte; Lisa Mathewson, Law Offices of Lisa A. Mathewson; JaneAnne Murray, Professor of Practice, University of Minnesota Law School; Shazzie Naseem, partner, Berkowitz Oliver; Avery Pollard, associate, Zuckerman Spaeder; Marjorie Peerce, partner, Ballard Spahr; and Mary Price, General Counsel, FAMM. Topic-specific segments are below.

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