Effective Messaging to Advance Criminal Legal Reform

22nd Annual State Criminal Justice Network Conference
August 16-17, 2023 | Held Virtually

As movements to reform flaws in the criminal legal system resulted in a growing number of states passing impactful bipartisan measures, the justice reform movement also faced swift backlash, as the 2020 uptick in homicides was utilized to stoke fear around recent policy changes and to push regressive proposals that would walk back the move toward greater justice, equality and authentic safety.


News coverage on crime and legal reform plays an integral role. As stated by the Center for Just Journalism: “Journalists who cover crime and the criminal legal system influence everything from public policy to our collective sense of safety.” Join this panel to hear advocates and media experts discuss effective messaging around criminal justice reform and how to create an effective narrative strategy.

#EndMassIncarceration: 50 Years of Failure

  • Scott Hechinger, Executive Director & Founder, Zealous
  • Insha Rahman, Vice President, Advocacy & Partnerships, Vera Institute of Justice
  • Hannah Riley, Director of Programming, The Center for Just Journalism
  • Moderated by: Rabiah Burks, Vice President, Communications & Team Building, National Legal Aid & Defender Association (NLADA)

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