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Defending Drug Overdose Homicides Training Materials (2021)

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Agenda is listed as it occurred live, virtually.

Charges and Defenses (Live: January 28, 2021)
1:00 pm ET

Introductions and Welcome
Christopher Adams, President NACDL

1:05 pm

Substance Use Disorders and Advocacy in the Criminal Legal System
Lisa Newman-Polk

2:05 pm Break
2:15 pm

Statutes Decoded: State Statute Breakouts
Michigan - Karl Numinen
New Jersey - Kimberly Schultz
Pennsyvania - Carrie Allman

2:45 pm Break
2:55 pm Federal Statute & General Defenses in DDRD Cases
Callie Steele
3:55 pm Break
4:05 pm Panelist Q&A
Moderator: Kimberly Schultz
Panelists: Peter Goldberger, Lisa Newman-Polk, Callie Steele
Digital Evidence (Live: February 4, 2021)
1:00 pm ET Introductions and Welcome
Karl Numinen, President CDAM
1:05 pm Evidentiary Foundations and Challenges of Social Media Evidence
Hanni Fakhoury
2:05 pm Break
2:15 pm Digital Device Data  
Michael Price 
3:45 pm Break
3:55 pm Q&A with NACDL Fourth Amendment Center Staff
Panelists: Aisha Dennis, Hanni Fakhoury, Jumana Musa, Michael Price
Moderator: Sara Jacobson (Executive Director of Training, PDAP)
Chemistry, Toxicology & Pathology (Live: February 11, 2021)
1:00 pm ET Introductions and Welcome
Nellie King, NACDL First Vice President
1:05 pm Forensic Chemistry
Dr. Jasmine Drake
2:05 pm Forensic Toxicology
Dr. Ashraf Mozayani
3:05 pm Break
3:15 pm Forensic Pathology
Dr. Gregory Davis
4:15 pm Break
4:25 pm

Panelist Q&A
Moderator: Marilena David-Martin (Deputy Director, SADO)
Panelists: Dr. Gregory Davis, Dr. Jasmine Drake, Dr. Ashraf Mozyani

Building Your Case With Deja Vishny and Bridget Krause (Live: February 18, 2021)
1:00 pm ET Introductions and Welcome
1:05 pm Messaging: Themes and Storytelling
1:35 pm Voir Dire
2:20 pm Break
2:30 pm Cross-Examination
Including Kimblery Schultz
3:30 pm Break
3:40 pm Sentencing
4:25 pm

Panelist Q&A
Moderator: Kristin LaVoy (Training Director, NDS-Detroit)
Panelists: Bridget Krause, Kimberly Schultz, Deja Vishny


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