Record Sealing

NACDL worked with state partners to advance clean slate legislation in Pennsylvania.

NACDL engaged in a multi-year campaign to help bring clean slate to Pennsylvania, working with a broad coalition of state and national partners. 
In February 2018, NACDL hosted a community forum on expungement featuring discussion of Pennsylvania’s ‘clean slate’ legislation and the expungement process in Pennsylvania, in partnership with Community Legal Services, Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity (PLSE), and the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1776. 
Throughout this campaign, NACDL issued a series of legislative action alerts in support of clean slate legislation that provides for the automatic sealing of minor misdemeanor convictions after 10 years and immediately seal any arrest records that didn't lead to a conviction (among other provisions). On June 28, 2018, Governor Tom Wolf signed HB 1419 into law, making Pennsylvania the first state in the country to enact clean slate legislation.  

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