2007 Board of Directors Resolutions

Resolutions adopted by NACDL's Board of Directors or Membership are posted online. Resolutions adopted prior to the year 2000 are posted as they are available. For more information on resolutions adopted prior to 2000, please contact NACDL.

Concerning Judicial Pay

NACDL urges Congress to take immediate action to enact a substantial pay increase for the federal Judiciary, consistent with the recent analysis by Paul Volcker, former chair of the National Commission on the Public Service, which recognized the inadequacy of federal judicial salaries and that increases in federal judicial salaries have not even kept pace with increases in average American worker wages. ....

Commending New Jersey Legislature's Death Penalty Study Commission

the Legislature of the State of New Jersey, through the appropriate Committees, and with the full support of the executive and judicial branches, draft and pass an Act implementing the recommendations of the Death Penalty Study Commission and abolishing capital punishment within the State. .........

Adopting the NACDL Long Range Plan

The Board of Directors of NACDL approves the Long Range Plan as presented on April 28, 2007.

Adopting NACDL's Amicus Mission Statement and Protocols

The Board of Directors of NACDL ratifies the Mission Statement and Protocols of the Amicus Curiae Committee as presented on August 4, 2007.

NACDL’s Sex Offender Registries Policy Statement and Report

Report of the Sex Offender Policy Task Force reflecting NACDL's policy on sex offender registries and other practices as adopted by the Board of Directors.

Supporting Clemency for Troy Anthony Davis

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, reiterating and reinforcing its vigorous opposition to the infliction of death as punishment for crime, condemns the imposition of the death penalty in a case involving a claim of innocence and where substantial issues have not been reviewed by any court because of procedural default.

RESOLVED, that National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers urges the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Parole to grant clemency to Mr. Troy Anthony Davis.

Regarding Justice Department Proposal to Exclude Plea Agreements from PACER

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers opposes the proposed exclusion of plea agreements from the Public Access to Court’s Electronic Records system (PACER).