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Amicus Briefs

The Amicus Curiae Committee’s mission is to provide amicus assistance on the federal and state level in those cases that present issues of importance to criminal defendants, criminal defense lawyers, and/or the criminal justice system as a whole. Membership in NACDL is not a prerequisite either for amicus assistance from the Committee, or for authorship of an NACDL amicus  brief. However, the Committee’s amicus endeavors offer an excellent opportunity to recruit new members among those we assist, and those who author NACDL amicus briefs. In that context, members who bring amicus issues to the Committee’s attention are encouraged to urge attorneys for parties benefitting from such assistance to recognize the work NACDL performs on behalf of the criminal defense community, and to join NACDL to support further activities of the organization.

This mission statement and the accompanying protocols linked below were adopted by NACDL's Board of Directors on July 26, 2015. If you have any questions concerning the procedure by which to submit a request for amicus  support in your case, counsel for the party or parties may contact:

Ivan J. Dominguez
Director of Public Affairs & Communications, NACDL

NACDL Amicus Curiae Committee Mission Statement 


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