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Board Resolution ~ 10/28/2006(2)

Concerning Donations to Outside Organizations

Resolution of the Financial Task Force Concerning Donations to Outside Organizations 

Boston, Massachusetts
October 28, 2006

WHEREAS, the NACDL provides financial grants and donations to various outside organizations on an annual basis that share its mission and goals, thus advancing NACDL’s agenda.

WHEREAS, NACDL seeks to continue such funding to outside groups on an annual basis in the years to come.

WHEREAS, NACDL seeks to continue funding current contributions to various outside groups as mandated by the Board of Directors.

WHEREAS, the Board of Directors and the Executive Director have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that NACDL’s funds are spent wisely and appropriately.


(A) Requests for $2,000 and above from outside organizations must be submitted to NACDL’s Budget Committee in sufficient time, as determined by NACDL, for the formulation of any given Fiscal Year budget;

(B) Any such request shall be accompanied by a written grant proposal that clearly delineates the need for the requested funds, along with a proposed budget. When available, requesting organizations shall also submit audited financial reports and an annual report, as well as other information that provides an overview and assessment of the organization’s structure, staffing, mission, goals, activities, budget, and its sources of financial support.

(C) If any NACDL committee has a stake or overlapping interest in the mission of the requesting organization, then the Budget Committee shall solicit the advice of the relevant committee(s) in terms of the grant request.

(D) By January 1 of any given year, grantees shall submit a written report to NACDL about how the grant was used and whether or not the grant’s goals were accomplished.

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