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Board Resolution ~ 10/28/89

Establishing a Standing Board Policy on Affiliate Association Representation on the Board of Directors

Resolution of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers 

October 28, 1989

Four representatives of Affiliate Associations may serve on the NACDL Board, each serving two year terms, with selection to be staggered so that two representatives will be elected each year.

Affiliate Associations may participate in the election of Affiliate Representatives by attending a meeting to be held the day preceding each annual meeting of the NACDL. The president or chief executive or designated representative shall cast each Affiliate’s vote. There shall be no fractional voting.

No nominee for election to the NACDL Board through the processes outlined in Article VIII may be chosen during the same year to represent the Affiliate Associations, and all Affiliate Representatives must meet all eligibility requirements contained in Article VIII for membership on the Board. Affiliate Representatives may not be reelected by the Affiliate Associations.

Any vacancies shall be filled at the next election of Affiliate Representatives.

Those elected as Affiliate Representatives shall take office at the same time as other new Board members.

The Nominating Committee of the NACDL shall provide rules and supervision to assure compliance with this policy, and shall submit for Board approval, at the Annual Meeting, those Affiliate Representatives elected by Affiliate Associations.

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