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NACDL Remembers Past President Robert "Fogie" Fogelnest

Washington, DC (Feb. 8, 2022) – Robert Fogelnest, known to his friends as "Fogie," passed peacefully at his home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico on February 6, 2022. Before he retired in 2009, Fogie enjoyed a national and international practice and a reputation as one of the most creative and best criminal defense lawyers in the United States. He represented the accused in both state and federal courts including the famed "Pizza Connection" trial, one of the nation’s first so-called mega-trials.

Fogie was active in NACDL and served as the President from 1995-1996. He was a frequent lecturer for NACDL and taught at both the National Criminal Defense College and the Trial Lawyer’s College. He was a member of the American Board of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Until he suffered a stroke two years ago, Fogie was active in the San Miguel community and was a frequent and excellent Karaoke singer. In San Miguel, he had a diverse group of friends in both the expat and Mexican communities.

His death, from a recently diagnosed cancer, was sudden. He died peacefully in the care of his long-time caregiver Dayna and her husband Oscar who were part of his large, loving Mexican family. Also with him when he died was his cat, "Lefty."

"To be with Bob was to be with a force. He could be hysterically funny, profoundly profane, gently mean, and wonderfully gentle. He rarely minced words and you knew where he stood on every issue. Whether it was dinner, the theatre, or politics, you knew what he liked or disliked. Bob’s inherent kindness was apparent to the many friends he had in both the expat and Mexican communities in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico," said his long-time friend and colleague Rick Kammen.

“Brilliant. Witty. Quirky. Irreverent. Creative. Energetic. Real. Fogie instinctively identified with and championed the underdog in every facet of his life. NACDL and the defense community will miss Fogie’s willingness to push the envelope for the sake of his clients and of our moral, ethical, and constitutional welfare. I personally owe a great deal to Fogie and know that our community does as well,” added NACDL President Martín Sabelli.

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