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Upgrade Your Membership!

Show your Commitment to the Criminal Defense Profession and Save!

There are three enhanced membership options for criminal defense attorneys in private practice in addition to Regular Membership:

Sustaining Membership: A donor membership that includes an expanded profile with photo & bio in the online membership directories.  Annual Dues: $515  

Presidents Club Membership: A donor membership that includes an expanded profile with photo & bio in the online membership directories. Annual Dues:  $739  

Life Membership:   As a Life member, you open the door for enhanced connections with other members, greater visibility in the NACDL community, and a life-long commitment to NACDL's vital work toward a fairer criminal justice system.

Why Become a Life Member? Life Member Plaque New

  •  Life members receive an elegant crystal sculpture engraved with the NACDL logo, your name, and the words Life Member. 
  • You’ll have an expanded profile in the online membership directory, linked to your listing in both the Member-To-Member and the free, public Find-A-Lawyer directories.  Browse the Life member directory at  https://members.nacdl.org/life-member-directory 
  • When other members, especially life members, are looking to refer a case outside of their jurisdiction, expertise, or capacity, they’re more likely to refer it to another Life member.  And of course, you’ll never have to pay NACDL membership dues again.

The reason most people give for becoming a life member is that they believe in the work NACDL does toward making the criminal justice system fairer, and want to make a long-term commitment to that work.

There are lots of other benefits of NACDL membership that are available to all members.  If you haven’t checked them out lately, please take a look at www.nacdl.org/benefits/.  Those are, of course, yours for life, as well as others we will add going forward.

Cost: The dues rate for Life Membership is $6,500, payable in a lump sum, or in five annual installments of $1,300.

Find out what NACDL Life Members say about the value of Life Membership!

Life Member FAQ 

To get started, download the application here or call Member Services at 202-872-4001

 Life Member Application  

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