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Enacted Laws

HB 3003– This bill addresses the operation of an unmanned aircraft system in a manner that causes an unmanned aircraft to fly within certain wildland fire areas. View the Bill

HB 296 – This bill amends the provisions of Title 63G, Chapter 18, Government Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Act. This bill: a allows a law enforcement agency to use an unmanned aircraft system to collect certain types of data; a institutes testing requirements for a law enforcement agency's use of an unmanned aircraft system; a amends the reporting requirements for a law enforcement ... View the Bill

HB 126 – This bill prohibits an individual from flying an unmanned aircraft within a specified distance of a wildland fire. View the Bill

SB 111 – Modifies and establishes provisions related to unmanned aircraft. View the Bill

SB 167 - Establishes provisions for the appropriate use of unmanned aerial vehicles by government entities. View the Bill

HB 59 – Prohibits flight of unmanned aircraft within a certain distance of a correctional facility. View the Bill

HJR 20 – This resolution recognizes the Know Before Your Fly program as an official source of safety education for operators of unmanned aircraft systems in Utah. View the Bill

Previously Introduced Legislation (2016)

HB 420 – This bill permits a public safety official to neutralize an unmanned aerial vehicle that interferes with a response to an emergency. View the Bill

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SB 210 – This bill establishes provisions related to unmanned aircraft. View the Bill

SB 211 – This bill regulates the use of unmanned aircrafts by establishing limitations and safety and use requirements for the private operation of an unmanned aircraft; requires a private operator to be at least 17 years of age; establishes provisions governing an educational institution’s use of an unmanned aircraft; establishes provisions governing the commercial use of an unmanned aircraft; grants rulemaking authority to the Board of Parks and Recreation with regards to unmanned aircrafts; and establishes criminal penalties. View the Bill

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