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South Dakota

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Enacted Laws

SB 22 -- Exempts certain unmanned aircraft systems from the requirement to be registered as aircraft. View the Bill

SB 80 -- Regulate the use of drones under certain conditions and to provide a penalty therefor. View the Bill

HB 1066 - This bill revises and repeals provisions regarding aviation, including revising the definition of “drone” and adding definition of “small unmanned aircraft.” View the Bill

HB 1059 - Establishes exceptions to prohibition on using an aircraft for the purpose of locating or spotting a predator or varmint. View the Bill

HB 1065 - This bill revises drone surveillance protections by making it unlawful to use a drone for aerial surveillance, observation, technical imaging, photography, videography or any other type of sensory recording to gather, collect, disseminate, or retain data of persons, homes, businesses, or properties, where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, without the written consent from the person, the property owner, or the manager. View the Bill

SB 74 - Provides that no person my intentionally use a drone to photograph, record, or otherwise observe another person in a private place where the person has a reasonable expectation of privacy, with exceptions. Provides that no person may land a drone on the lands or waters of another resident if that resident owns the land beneath the water body in its entirety. View the Bill

Active Legislation

NACDL has not identified any active legislation for this state.

Previously Introduced Legislation

NACDL has not identified any previously introduced legislation for this state.

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