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Enacted Laws

HB 2481 – Prohibits law enforcement agencies from receiving certain surplus military equipment, including armored or weaponized unmanned aircraft systems, from the federal government. View the Bill

SB 109 – Directs the State Parks and Recreation Commission to adopt rules managing the use of unmanned aircraft systems in state parks. View the Bill

SB 315 – Exempts from required disclosure business, commercial, financial, operational and research data and information that is furnished or developed in connection with ownership or operation of an unmanned aerial system test range, if such disclosure would cause a competitive disadvantage to the test range or users. View the Bill

HB 2710 – Relating to drones; declaring an emergency. Provides that drone may be used by law enforcement agency for purpose of surveillance of person only pursuant to warrant or in emergency circumstances. View the Bill

HB 2354 – Changes defined term "drone" to "unmanned aircraft system." Changes defined term "drone" to "unmanned aerial aircraft system." (Chapter 315, 2015 Laws) View the Bill

HB 2534 – Directs State Fish and Wildlife Commission to adopt rules prohibiting use of drones for certain purposes related to pursuit of wildlife. (Chapter 61, 2015 Laws) View the Bill

HB 4066 – Relating to unmanned aircraft systems; makes it a class A misdemeanor to operate a weaponized UAS; creates the offense of reckless interference with an aircraft through certain uses of UAS; regulates the use of UAS by public bodies, including requiring policies and procedures for retention of date; prohibits the use of UAS near critical infrastructure, including correctional facilities. View the Bill

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SB 5702 – States the fees for registering an unmanned aircraft system. View the Bill

Active Legislation

NACDL has not identified any active legislation for this state.

Previously Introduced Legislation (2019)

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HB 2780 – Provides that fire departments may operate unmanned aircraft systems and acquire and disclose information through such operation for purposes of emergency incident response. View the Bill

Previously Introduced Legislation (2015)

SB 393 – Changes defined term "drone" to "unmanned aerial system." View the Bill

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