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Enacted Laws

HB 1328 – To provide for limitations on the use of unmanned aerial vehicle for surveillance. View the Bill

SCR 4014 – A concurrent resolution supporting the development of the unmanned aircraft systems industry in North Dakota and throughout the United States, congratulating the Federal Aviation Administration on the first Beyond Visual Line of Sight Certificate of Authorization in the United States, and encouraging further cooperation with the Federal Aviation Administration to safely integrate unmanned aircraft systems into the national airspace. View the Bill

HB 1506 - Allocates $1 million for grants, with a matching fund requirement, to an organization dedicated to expanding workforce opportunities, training, and education related to the beyond visual line of sight unmanned aircraft system industry. View the Bill

Previously Introduced Legislation (2019)

HB 1231 – Prohibited uses of unmanned aerial vehicles. View the Bill

HB 1493 – Outlines several prohibited uses of an unmanned aerial vehicle system and penalties. View the Bill

Previously Introduced Legislation (2017)

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HB 1167 – A bill for an Act to create and enact a new section to chapter 29-29.4 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to remedies for violations of unmanned aerial vehicles; to amend and reenact subsection 1 of section 29-29.4-05 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to prohibited uses for unmanned aerial vehicles; and to provide a penalty. View the Bill

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