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Enacted Laws

LB 992 – Provides that a person commits second degree criminal trespass if the person intentionally causes an unmanned aircraft or other electronic device to enter into or above the property of another with the intent to observe another person without their consent. View the Bill
LB 1144 – Adopts the Precision Agriculture Infrastructure Grant Act, which may be used to provide products, including precision drone scouting, which use autonomous solutions in agricultural machinery. View the Bill

Active Legislation

NACDL has not identified any active legislation for this state.

Previously Introduced Legislation (2022)

LB 761 - Creates the Precision Agriculture Infrastructure Grant Program and specifies that grants may be used for products that use autonomous solutions in agricultural machinery, including precision drone scouting and scouting robots. View the Bill

LB 543 - Requires that for electronics-enabled agricultural equipment, including unmanned aircraft systems, an original equipment manufacturer must make available documentation, parts, and tools, including any updates to information or embedded software, for the purpose of maintenance or repair. View the Bill

LB 903 - Prohibits spying by unmanned aircraft. View the Bill

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Previously Introduced Legislation (2016)

LB 693 - Regulates and creates criminal offenses regarding the use of unmanned aircraft systems. View the Bill

LB 720 - This bill changes certain invasion of privacy provisions to include unmanned aircraft or unmanned aircraft systems.  View the Bill


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