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Enacted Laws

SB 196 - limiting the use of unmanned aerial vehicles by law enforcement and private users and prohibiting the use of unlawfully obtained information as evidence in court. View the Act

HB 257 - An act allowing information collected by an unmanned aerial vehicle investigation a motor vehicle accident to be admitted into evidence or used to obtain search warrants. View the Bill

HB 330 - Chapter 261 - Establish standards for law enforcement use and acquisition of certain equipment. View the Act

HB 644 - Restricting unmanned aerial vehicle operation as a result of wildland fire. View the Act

Active Legislation


Previously Introduced Legislation (2019)

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HB 655 - Outlines restrictions on the use of an unmanned aircraft, including near a critical infrastructure facility. View the Bill

Previously Introduced Legislation (2017)

SB 170 - Provide civil liability for unmanned aerial vehicle trespass. View the Bill

Previously Introduced Legislation (2015)

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HB 593 - Establish the Montana unmanned aerial vehicle act. View the Bill

HB 278 - Generally revise fish and game laws with respect to unmanned aerial vehicles. View the Bill

HB 586 - Revise laws related to aerial drones. View the Bill 


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