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Enacted Laws

HB 2272 – Provides immunity to state, political subdivisions for any liability claim based on the exercise or performance of emergency management activities or performing emergency functions including operating an unmanned aircraft, while engaged in or support emergency management activities. View the Act

SB 1449 – Unmanned aircraft; prohibited operations. View the Act

Active Legislation

SB 1583 – Relates to the use of military and surveillance equipment, including unmanned aerial vehicles, by law enforcement. View the Bill

SB 1419 – Prohibits the state or a political subdivision of the state from conducting highway video surveillance on a controlled access highway or sidewalk. Defines ‘highway video surveillance’ as the use of a camera or other device, including a drone, that by itself or in conjunction with other devices or information may be used to determine the ownership or location of a motor vehicle, the identity of a motor vehicle’s occupants, or the identity or location of a pedestrian. View the Bill

HB 2129 – This bill makes it unlawful to use an unmanned aircraft to start a prescribed or uncontrolled burn unless a permit is obtained. View the Bill

HB 2399 – This bill makes it unlawful for a person to operate or use an unmanned aircraft or unmanned aircraft system in the commission of any criminal offense. View the Bill

HB 2498 – Creates the unmanned aircraft study committee tasked with identifying and studying the beneficial uses of unmanned aircrafts, and examining the economic opportunities associated with the use of unmanned aircrafts. View the Bill

HB 2702 – This bill adds civil unmanned aircraft to the definition of 'entry.' View the Bill

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SB 1383 - Bill related to military and surveillance equipment and approval. View the Bill

HB 2858 - This bill would apply provisions on aerial interference with an aircraft or unmanned aircraft to a prohibition of harassment of the Salt River horse herd. View the Bill

Previously Introduced Legislation (2016)

HB 2073 – This bill makes it unlawful for a person to operate or use an unmanned aircraft system to intentionally photograph, electronically record, collect information, conduct surveillance or gather evidence on a critical facility without prior written consent or on a person or the person’s property without prior written consent. View the Bill

Previously Introduced Legislation (2015)

HB 2659 – Study Committee; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. View the Bill

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