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Honest Services Fraud & Public Corruption

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Skilling v. United States fundamentally altered the landscape of 18 U.S.C. § 1346 honest services fraud and public corruption prosecutions. Cases and clients at every stage of the criminal adjudication process are affected by the Skilling decision and the uncertain state of law. Meanwhile, the Department of Justice and other organizations are lobbying for a Skilling-fix. NACDL opposes such a fix and any attempts to restore a limitless honest service fraud statute.

Resources on honest services fraud and public corruption, including press, programs, and legislative developments, are provided below.Tim O'Toole Testifying Before Congress 


Press and Commentary 


U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Skilling v. U.S. 

For post-Skilling cases, visit the Honest Services Fraud Filings and Decisions Bank (Members Only).

Pictured to the right: NACDL Board Member Timothy P. O'Toole testifying on July 26, 2011, before the House Judiciary Crime Subcommittee on H.R. 2575, the Clean Up Government Act of 2011. 


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