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You can make a difference in the career of a criminal defense lawyer.  Take a moment to refer another lawyer to America’s best-connected and most knowledgeable criminal defense bar association.  After all, most NACDL members were introduced by a colleague…now it’s your turn to use the power of one! Make your one referral today!

NACDL is the nation's preeminent community serving the criminal defense profession, and is committed to serving a diverse and inclusive community of lawyers. In a recent survey of our members, we found that two-thirds of our members first learned of NACDL from a colleague or friend.  



 For first time members: 15 months of full member benefits for the price of 12! 

(For first-time members only) 

How You Benefit

For every new member you recruit, you will receive a $25 discount off your next year's dues

NEW: If you recruit 5 or more members in a 12-month period, your next membership renewal is FREE! (Life Members get $329 reduction on their next installment for 5 or more members.)

NEW: For each new member you recruit, you get one chance to win our Grand Prize: Registration plus two nights' hotel stay at an NACDL Quarterly or Las Vegas seminar of your choice.

Just One Referral Resources

You can make a difference.  One call.  One word.  Just one referral.

 Questions? Call the membership hotline at 202-872-4001  





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