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June 2012 , Page 85 

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Affiliate News

By Gerald Lippert

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WACDL Honors Mestel

At its recent Annual Conference, the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (WACDL) honored Mark Mestel of Everett, Wash., with the William O. Douglas Award - WACDL’s most prestigious award - in recognition of extraordinary achievement, courage, and dedication in the practice of criminal defense law. Additional honorees included Nancy Collins and David Koch, who each received the President’s Award in recognition of recent victories in appellate cases, and Ari Kohn, who was presented with WACDL’s Champion of Justice Award for his work with the Post-Prison Education Project in the state of Washington. For additional information, please contact WACDL at 206-623-1302 or email info@wacdl.org.

2012 NACDL & Affiliate CLE Calendar

August 10

 Louisiana: LACDL & LPDB’s Forensic One-Day CLE Seminar
Petroleum Club, Shreveport, Louisiana
Contact: LACDL Executive Director David Tatman at 225-767-7640 or email david@tatmangroup.com 

August 16-17

Colorado: CCDB’s ‘DUI Blood Testing: Understanding and Litigating Gas Chromatography Cases’ CLE Seminar
Embassy Suites, Denver, Colorado
Contact: CCDB Executive Director Dan Schoen at 303-758-2454 or email office@ccdb.org 

August 24-25

Tennessee: TACDL’s Annual Meeting & Seminar
The Sheraton Nashville Downtown Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee
Contact: TACDL Executive Director Suanne Bone at 615-329-1338 or email suannebone@tacdl.com 

September 27-29

NACDL and SCHR’s ‘Making the Case for Life’ Seminar
Georgian Terrace Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia
Contact: Terrica Redfield Ganzy at 404-688-1202 or email tganzy@schr.org. For more details, visit our meetings website at www.nacdl.org/meetings 

September 28

New Mexico: NMCDLA’s White Collar Crime Seminar
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Contact: NMCDLA Executive Director Cathy Ansheles at 505-992-0050 or email cathy@nmcdla.org 

October 18-20

NACDL & NCDD’s 16th Annual DWI Means Defend With Ingenuity Seminar “Getting the ‘Not Guilty’ Vote”
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada
Contact: NACDL’s Education Assistant Akvile Athanason at 202-465-7630 or email aathanason@nacdl.org. For more details, visit our meetings website at www.nacdl.org/meetings 

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