United States v. Ulbricht

Amicus Curiae Brief of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in Support of Defendant-Appellant and Arguing Reversal.

Brief filed: 01/18/2016


United States v. Ulbricht

2nd Circuit Court of Appeals; Case No. 15-1815

Prior Decision

Decision below 2014 WL 5090039 (S.D.N.Y. Oct. 10, 2014).


The warrants issued in this case lacked a limiting statement of particularity and were therefore unconstitutional, violating the original intent of the Fourth Amendment, extant historical and contemporary jurisprudence, and this Court’s case law.

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Steven R. Morrison, University of North Dakota School of Law, Grand Forks, ND; Joel B. Rudin, Law Offices of Joel B. Rudin, New York, NY.