The Overcriminalization of Abortion

20th Annual State Criminal Justice Network Conference
August 18-20, 2021 | Held Virtually

Hear from members of NACDL’s Women in Criminal Defense Committee as they highlight the report’s key findings and the impact of these laws on our criminal legal system.



The United States prosecutes and incarcerates on an unprecedented scale. As an organization whose members see the devastating consequences of misguided public policy on a daily basis, NACDL has long opposed overcriminalization. This extends to legislative efforts to vastly expand the potential for criminal charges to be brought against those participating in or performing abortions. If Roe v. Wade is overturned, a number of states are prepared to arrest and prosecute pregnant individuals, their medical providers and those who assist them. NACDL’s report detailing the overcriminalization of abortion examines existing criminal laws and both existing and proposed anti-abortion laws in a number of states, specifically considering their impact on arrests and prosecutions of people seeking and providing abortions.

  • Lindsay Lewis, Partner, Dratel & Lewis
  • Missy Owen, Founding Partner, Tin Fulton Walker & Owen

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