Mental Health & Disabilities: How the System Deals with Them [Engage & Exchange Discussion Series]

Mental Health & Disabilities: How the System Deals with Them presented by Elizabeth Kelley



Elizabeth Kelley, author and former NACDL board member, discusses mental health treatment and litigation, along with a focus on re-entry.

Representing People with Mental Disabilities: A Practical Guide for Criminal Defense Lawyers, Edited by Elizabeth Kelley (2018)

Pat Cresta-Savage of NACDL’s Corrections Committee introduces the program and provides additional information on the work of the committee.

The State of Prison & Jail Communication Systems online interactive map provides detailed insights into prison and jail communications systems across the United States, with a special emphasis on lawyers’ ability to communicate with their clients confidentially.

How to Navigate the Federal Prison System” manual is intended to assist attorneys and the general public in navigating the often-confusing federal incarceration machine. The manual covers housing, work, medical issues, programming, visitation, communications with family and counsel, and more from the pretrial, presentencing, and sentencing phases to post-sentencing, incarceration, and re-entry and release.

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