Keynote Address – Representative Sara Innamorato, Pennsylvania State House

On November 6, 2019, funded by a grant from Vital Strategies, NACDL hosted Defending Drug Overdose Homicides in Pennsylvania. This day-long program featured local and national speakers sharing insights and understandings regarding the complexities of drug overdose homicide prosecutions.


Presented by Representative Sara Innamorato, Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 21st District (Allegheny County)

Defending Drug Overdose Homicides in Pennsylvania
November 6, 2019 | Harrisburg, PA

With many drug overdose homicide prosecutions relying on text messages, cell phone records, social media materials, cell site location information and other digital data, it is critical for defenders to be prepared to address the technological limits and legal challenges to be made. To learn how to challenge digital and cellphone data, go to NACDL's Fourth Amendment Center.

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