Keep It Confidential: Protecting Your Privileged Client Communications with Encryption I [webinar]

In this webinar, we address the ethical implications of government surveillance and client communications. Defense lawyers regularly use phone calls, texts and emails to communicate with clients, investigators, witnesses and others associated with their cases. Many of these communications are privileged, yet government surveillance programs can capture and store them. We explore how this happens, and how defense lawyers can keep their communications out of government hands.


Jack Gillum will address his experience with encrypting communications and why he and others in his industry have made the switch to these encrypted platforms. Neema Singh Guliani will lay out the different surveillance programs and technologies that may be intercepting your privileged communications.

Presented by Jack Gillum, Associated Press (Washington, DC) and Neema Singh Guliani, American Civil Liberties Union Washington Legislative Office (Washington, DC)

This webinar is sponsored by the Foundation for Criminal Justice (FCJ)

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