Disrupting Minority Report: How to Push Back on the Use of Predictive Analytics in Policing

20th Annual State Criminal Justice Network Conference
August 18-20, 2021 | Held Virtually

Police departments across the country are increasing using predictive algorithms to decide where to patrol and who to investigate. These tools are also being used to create databases that label people as threats and feed them into the criminal legal system.



Recently, NACDL published a report titled Garbage In, Gospel Out: How Data-Driven Policing Technologies Entrench Historic Racism and ‘Tech-wash’ Bias in the Criminal Legal System which laid out the historic biases that these systems exploit and recommends that the systems not be used. On this panel you will hear from experts who shared their experience in Chicago and Los Angeles with the NACDL Task Force on Predictive Policing and how they have pushed back.

  • Shakeer Rahman, Lawyer & Community Organizer, Stop LAPD Spying Coalition and Practitioner Fellow at the Digital Civil Society Lab, Stanford PACS
  • Chaclyn Hunt, Civil Rights Attorney & Director of the Youth/Police Project, Invisible Institute
  • Kevin Vogeltanz, Vogeltanz Law
  • Moderated by: Jumana Musa, Director, Fourth Amendment Center, NACDL

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