How to Prepare Your Client for Prison and Beyond [webinar]

What happens to our clients after sentencing is largely a mystery to defense attorneys. For most of us, our impressions of prison are created more by fictionalized media than actual knowledge. Our lack of familiarity with the corrections system makes us ill-equipped to prepare our clients for what they can actually expect on the inside. In this webcast, former federal prisoner turned professor Michael Santos speaks about what defenders can do to help prepare their clients prepare for prison and beyond.


Michael discusses how to help your clients understand deliberate strategies they can employ to build lives of meaning and relevance, irrespective of BOP decisions. By listening to case studies of prisoners and learning best-practices for prisoners, attorneys can help their clients facing incarceration know how to navigate the BOP in every security level and learn to live productively in the best environment possible. Defenders will learn to advise their clients on steps they can take to ease their journey inside while simultaneously preparing for the best possible outcome, including early termination of supervised release.

Presented by Michael Santos, Prison Professor

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