Wilkerson, Robinson, Wolverton, NACDL, CACJ, and ACLU-NC v. Alameda County Sheriff Gregory J. Ahern

RG20062694 (Ca. Sup.)

NACDL, et al. filed a class action lawsuit seeking release of medically vulnerable individuals from Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County, Calif.  The lawsuit seeks to compel Alameda County Sheriff Gregory Ahern to release all medically vulnerable people in custody at Santa Rita or in rare circumstances transfer them to home confinement.


The lawsuit also asks a county judge to order the Alameda County sheriff to immediately identify all medically vulnerable people – and provide his criteria for selecting them. The action also calls for COVID-19 testing for all at-risk inmates and proper quarantine of infected people, among other protective measures. As detailed in the court filings, the conditions at the Santa Rita Jail are unacceptable and present a clear and present danger to individuals held at that facility.

Full case name: Latrill Wilkerson, Darrell Robinson, Steven Wolverton, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, and ACLU of Northern California, Petitioners, vs. Gregory J. Ahern, Sheriff of Alameda County, in His Official Capacity, and DOES 1-10 

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