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This page includes links to various non-NACDL news sources and blogs on white collar crime and related topics.

One thing is clear about the practice we call white collar criminal defense – it is constantly changing and evolving! The issues are increasingly complex and there are more new outlets and blogs providing cover than ever before.  As discussed by NACDL Board Member Blair Brown (pictured below) at a recent NACDL white collar conference, technological advances have had a profound impact on not only the practice of criminal defense, but on how the media and public perceive the criminal justice system as a whole. Listed below are a variety of external news sources and blogs providing coverage, analysis and scholarship on white collar criminal defense and related issues. Blair Brown 

Corporate Prosecution Registry 

Crime in the Suites

CrimProf Blog  


FCPA Professor 

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Blog 

Halls of Justice - FINalternatives 

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Mortgage Fraud Blog 

NYTimes White Collar Watch 


Securities Docket - Criminal 

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Securities Law Prof Blog 

Sentencing Law & Policy Blog 

TaxProf Blog 

The 10b-5 Daily  

The Blog of the Legal Times 

The Race to the Bottom Blog  

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog 

White Collar Crime Prof Blog 

White Collar Wire