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Welcome To NACDL

As a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), your professional advancement is enhanced through communities of knowledge, networking opportunities, and the many unlimited resources we provide.

Starting Your Membership Journey

We know being new may be overwhelming, so we have put together a list that may make it a little less so. First update your member profile to help you network with others in the criminal defense industry.

Joining NACDLConnect

One of the many perks of being a member is access to NACDLConnect; a community where professionals like yourself get to share best ideas and engage 24/7. You start by creating your account then logging in to start interacting. Be sure to also download the connected community app for even more convenient access to the NACDL community - ask questions, share stories, contribute knowledge, grow your network, and collaborate on the challenges you face and how to tackle them.

Staying Educated

Your NACDL membership provides you with professional development at a discounted rate including NACDL’s top-notch CLEs, virtual training events and conferences. You can also tap into the mentorship opportunities through committee participation, practice specific events and our online community NACDLConnect. If you are threatened in any way for providing legal representation to a client and you're subpoenaed, cited for contempt, hit with a bar grievance or a motion to disqualify you from a case, the NACDL Strike Force will review your case, at no cost.


Numerous NACDL Membership Benefits to Save You Time  and Money

Making the most of your NACDL membership starts with understanding all the benefits available to you like the access to the NACDL Resource Center for case-based tools, forensics resources, an expert database, and postconviction materials to aid you in your practice.

Staying Informed and Connected

Always be in the know on NACDL policy and legislative initiatives by signing up for Action Alerts. Get to know the movers and shakers in the industry and the trending topics in the community by downloading the latest episode of NACDL's podcast series "The Criminal Docket." Get familiar with NACDL’s resource counsel team as they can provide technical and substantive support to NACDL’s members in a variety of areas.Please contact  For more questions about NACDL’s membership benefit options, please email or call 202)872-8600. Connect, comment and follow NACDL on all social media to keep up with the latest news related to the criminal justice system (FacebookTwitterInstagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.)


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