Restructuring of the CLE Institute

NACDL's Board of Directors adopted a resolution modifying the NACDL Continuing Legal Education Institute, as established by the Board of Directors on August 8, 2009.


BE IT RESOLVED; that the NACDL Board of Directors approves the following proposed modification to the NACDL Continuing  Legal Education Institute, as established by the Board of Directors on August 8, 2009. 


NACDL CLE Institute-Change in responsibilities of Staff and Vice Chairs 


NACDL's responsibility to provide quality programming has grown significantly over the years. What began as a modest means of attracting new members to the organization is now a major source of revenue that supports myriad membership services and criminal justice reform initiatives. This growth is a direct result of NACDL’s creation of the CLE Institute by a resolution dated August 8, 2009. The creation of the CLE Institute by the Board of Directors was a result of NACDL’s long range strategic plan as envisioned by the Task Force on Financial Resources, the Long-Range Planning Committee, and the Executive Committee Retreats. 

The creation of a CLE Institute increased communication and coordination among those charged with the planning of programs. It reduced the burden on volunteers by reducing their time commitment. This proposal recognizes NACDL’s CLE programming still has obstacles to achieving consistent successful results. A program not completed on time significantly impacts its likelihood of financial success, imposes undue burdens on staff, increases expenses, and creates both time and advertising conflicts with the program calendar. Under this proposed change, the level of individual responsibility and time commitment for each vice chair is reduced. Staff responsibility in the planning and preparation of the CLE program will increase as will accountability for each program’s planning, promotion, and performance. 

In addition to staff and vice chairs for each CLE meeting, there is the presence of the Advisory Group which provides a valuable resource of talent and knowledge on a wide range of subjects relevant to the planning of a program. The coordinated efforts of the staff, vice chairs and Advisory Group will enable NACDL to continue producing the highest overall quality of faculty, subject matter, and materials. This goal is necessary to NACDL maintaining its reputation as the definitive source of CLE programming for the criminal defense bar. 

Centralizing the coordination of all CLE programming, ensures marketing opportunities are maximized, significant production delays reduced, and expenses minimized, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful fiscal performance of NACDL's CLE program. 

Mission Statement 

The mission of the NACDL CLE Institute is to develop and execute NACDL’s CLE curriculum in a manner that maintains the integrity of its programs and status as the premiere CLE provider for the criminal defense bar. The Institute will ensure the viability, efficiency, continuity, quality, and profitability of NACDL seminars by overseeing, planning, and implementing cutting-edge programming to foster excellence and high ethical standards in criminal defense practice. 


The composition of the CLE Institute will remain unchanged. 

The CLE Institute shall be comprised of the staff member with ultimate responsibility for implementation of NACDL’s education program as designated by the Executive Director, as well as such other staff members as the Executive Director shall from time to time designate, and an Advisory Board, comprised of NACDL members and vice chairs appointed by the President of NACDL. 

The Advisory Board shall include a Chair of the CLE Institute, at least one Seminar Vice Chair per quarterly seminar, at least one Vice Chair for each stand-alone program, no less than 6 additional Advisors from specific practice specialty areas, and the NACDL President-Elect, who shall serve as an ex officio advisor during his or her term as President-Elect. 


All appointments will remain unchanged. 

The Chair shall be appointed by the President to a four-year term. Each Quarterly Vice Chair shall be appointed by the President for a three-year term. Vice Chairs are committed to producing one quarterly seminar per year for three years. Each Stand-Alone Vice Chair shall be appointed by the President for an indefinitely renewable one-year term. Each Advisor shall be appointed by the President for a three- year term. 


1) Chair 

The Chair works directly with the staff designee to facilitate communication and coordination among various CLE planners including Vice Chairs, Advisors and staff. His/Her responsibilities will remain unchanged. 

2) Quarterly Seminar Vice Chairs and Stand-Alone Vice Chairs 

Vice Chairs will continue to be involved in the development of the seminar for which they were appointed. This responsibility will include providing support to Staff in the determination of a theme where necessary, curriculum and possible faculty. Vice Chairs are expected to be available at the program and to assist in the production of the seminar. 

3) Advisors 

Advisors roles remain unchanged. 

4) Staff 

The staff designee will be primarily responsible for the development of the theme, curriculum, and identifying appropriate faculty for each CLE program sponsored by NACDL. In performing these duties, the staff designee will seek input and assistance from the Chair, Vice Chair(s), Advisors, and coordinate with appropriate policy staff. 

Resolution of the Board of Directors
August 3, 2019

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