2019 Board of Directors Resolutions

Resolutions adopted by NACDL's Board of Directors or Membership are posted online. Resolutions adopted prior to the year 2000 are posted as they are available. For more information on resolutions adopted prior to 2000, please contact NACDL.

Calling for the Immediate Implementation of the First Step Act of 2018

NACDL urges enactment of legislation to explicitly make all sentencing reform provisions of the First Step Act retroactive; to support commutation; and to support pro bono representation for inmates who might qualify for commutation pursuant to any systematic program announced by the Executive Branch.

Concerning Categorical Legislative Prohibitions of Defenses in Criminal Cases

NACDL opposes categorical, legislative prohibition of specific defenses.

Concerning the Implementation of Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 16.1

NACDL urges the criminal defense bar to develop best practices for pretrial discovery. To that end, the Board authorizes the NACDL President to impanel a Rule 16.1 Task Force of practitioners and other experts to gather facts, collect data, and assess discovery procedures that have been implemented throughout the nation.

Establishing Membership Categories

The Board of Directors established several membership categories pursuant to recent bylaws amendments.

Establishing the Powers and Duties of the Elected Officers of the Association

NACDL's board of directors adopted a resolution establishing the powers and duties of NACDL's officers.

Restructuring of the CLE Institute

NACDL's Board of Directors adopted a resolution modifying the NACDL Continuing Legal Education Institute, as established by the Board of Directors on August 8, 2009.

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