NACDL Life Membership Q and A

As a Life member, you open the door for enhanced connections with other members, greater visibility in the NACDL community, and a life-long commitment to NACDL's vital work toward a fairer criminal justice system.

Who is eligible to become an NACDL Life Member? 

Any NACDL member who is a practicing lawyer in good standing and is currently active. 

Prosecutors are ineligible to be NACDL Members, and if as a Life Member you subsequently become a prosecutor, any dues paid will be held in escrow, until such time as you return to the criminal defense profession and reinstate your membership. 

What is the current membership dues rate for Life Members? 

Life Member dues are 5 installment payments of $1,300 or a one-time payment of $6,500. 

What are my options for paying the $1,300 installments? 

The basic option is $1,300 each year for five years payable by credit card or check.Once the initial installment is paid, members can provide a credit card for automatic quarterly or semi-annual payments. 

What if I have recently renewed my NACDL membership? 

Any dues recently paid will be credited towards the full one-time payment of $6,500, or the first installment payment of $1,300.  Example: $1,300 installment less $329 annual Regular Member dues equals a prorated payment of $971. Call the membership department for details on how pro-rating will affect you.

What dues obligations remain after the full $6,500 Life Member payment is complete? 

You will never pay NACDL membership dues again 

Your NACDL membership dues will never increase – GUARANTEED! 

What benefits do I receive as a Life Member if I convert my membership now? 

You will never pay NACDL membership dues again 

You will lock in your rate against any future increases in the dues rate for Life Membership.  

Your practice gains additional exposure with an expanded profile in the online membership directory, linked to your listing in both the Member-To-Member and the free, public Find-A-Lawyer directories.   

You will receive an elegant crystal sculpture engraved with the NACDL logo, your name, and the words Life Member.   

At conferences and seminars you receive recognition on your badge as a Life Member. 

Other Life Members are more likely to refer cases to you within your jurisdiction and field of expertise. 

To get started, download the application here or call Member Services at 202-872-4001.

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